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Please let this comm be active still~~~ (if you have moved someplace else, please let me know! ^^; )

I'm a lolita housewife. I'm 26 years old, married to a japanese man and we have a beautiful baby daughter. We live in Norway, which is my home country. I've been interested in lolita for many years but I havent had the confidence or the opportunity to do lolita until I married and had a baby. I hope to connect with other lolita housewifes here, I feel really alone! Haha.
I'm mainly into classic lolita, I don't own any brands and I make most of my stuff by myself. Even though I have been interested in lolita for a long time, my wardrobe and my experience with actually wearing lolita is noob level.

Hope to talk to you guys and share experiences!! (again, please don't let this comm be dead!)
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