Lightbringer (xlightbringerx) wrote in lolitahousewife,

Ladylike or housewifey blogs

Hello! I'm looking for blogs that fit into some of the following criteria. Can you guys help me find any?

I'm looking for something...

-written by a woman (she doesn't have to be a lolita, but it's a plus as it's something I identify with).

-that is more instructional or informational, and less "here's what I did today" (which is most of the lolita blogs I found--no offense intended). Something that offers practical advice or tips.

-that covers topics of housewivery or cultivating traditional feminine values in general.

To give you an idea, I'm looking for something to counterbalance another blog I read, which is a general blog about personal development and is rather geared toward young entrepreneurs. Since he's a dude, I feel I can't relate to him completely, so I was hoping for something similar written from a lady's perspective. I feel Mr. Pavlina mentors my "work" side, but I would like to balance that with a mentor on the "housewife" side. I know that's a bit weird/personal so I hope that makes sense and that someone can help!

Thank you~
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