Margaret Warden (marty_unleashed) wrote in lolitahousewife,
Margaret Warden


I have been abandoning you girls again. I am so sorry.

Today I have a question. Where can I find patterns for Loli-clothing? I don't actually dress in Lolita (though I do have a few things that are Loli-inspired) but I am making something for a friend. She wears sweet Lolita everywhere she goes, and for her birthday I want to make her a little something. I am very good with sewing, but I can not find an appropriate pattern anywhere. I even tried online patterns, the kind that you have to enlarge and trace off of your computer screen, but I can't find anything there either. I don't wear Lolita for the most part, and there for I have no idea where to look. Please Help?!!

Also, I think it would be interesting to do a weekly topic. If anyone has any ideas on topics, please let me know. I think maybe next week I will start with something regarding the kitchen, as I have very recently found the cutest baby blue kitchen wear that I just LOVE and want to buy so badly. XDD

Sorry again for being so touch and go ladies. Hopefully things will get up and moving again soon. I love you all!

Tags: baby blue, birthday gifts, kitchen, patterns, sewing, sweet lolita, weekly topic
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