Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote in lolitahousewife,
Nadine Brown

Anuall LHW meetup? (Update)

You know, I was just thinking... some of us are only a state or two away from eachother.  What if we did like a yearly meetup?

It would be nice to see the ladies face to face with whom I have alot in common with.  I don't like feeling like a lone frilly island in a sea of girls, who have no clue exactly what the concerns are of a married-mother-lolita in the USA from day to day.

Whadaya think girls?

02/07/11 Update--------------------
Well I would like to hear from you ladies on how we are going to plan this.

Questions like:
Who will be the host state?
When will it be held?
What will we do?
Will we be bringing our families or just ourselves?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!
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