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Intro! [23 Jan 2017|08:02pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Please let this comm be active still~~~ (if you have moved someplace else, please let me know! ^^; )

I'm a lolita housewife. I'm 26 years old, married to a japanese man and we have a beautiful baby daughter. We live in Norway, which is my home country. I've been interested in lolita for many years but I havent had the confidence or the opportunity to do lolita until I married and had a baby. I hope to connect with other lolita housewifes here, I feel really alone! Haha.
I'm mainly into classic lolita, I don't own any brands and I make most of my stuff by myself. Even though I have been interested in lolita for a long time, my wardrobe and my experience with actually wearing lolita is noob level.

Hope to talk to you guys and share experiences!! (again, please don't let this comm be dead!)

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monster in laws! [01 Nov 2014|02:21pm]

Hello I am a lolita housewife. And I have not done an intro but soon will. I have been wondering do any of you Lolita's have crazy, mean, or over bearing in laws? If so how do you deal with them in a way that represents the grace and gentility befitting the lolita style? I ask because my mother in law is....difficult at times, and my husband often tells me to just ignore her but I really want to be kind but without making a big deal about it or sticking my neck out too far. If this isn't allowed please delete! Thanks! Tootles.
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Yuck! [01 Jul 2012|09:55am]

[ mood | distressed ]

Hello, I am a Lolita Housewife and I love the idea of this community.. Maybe one on Facebook would be good too XD
But PLEASE please mod this page and remove those horrific pictures someone has posted. I sometimes come to post on the page then run away again as soon as I see them!!

Thanks Kit.

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I would really appreciate your help :) [06 May 2012|04:44am]


Hello everyone!

I have long admired the Lolita lifestyle, so when I had a chance to choose a topic for my anthropology class, I really wanted to write a paper about it. I am captivated by the Lolita look and lifestyle. It is something I could definitely see myself becoming. I dearly wanted to attend a meetup, but couldn’t find anything in my area. I would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes to help me by answering the following short list of questions!  =^.^=

1. How did you decide which Lolita style best suited you?

2. Do you think most people who dress as Lolitas have higher than average income? Do you know of anyone with limited income who successfully dresses in Lolita?

3. Is there a male counterpart to a Lolita? Do you personally know any?

4. What would prevent someone from being a part of the Lolita community?

5. Do different types of Lolita get along together? For example, would an elegant gothic Lolita/aristocrat be good friends with a guro Lolita?

6. Do you dress as Lolita as part of a social statement? If so, what are you trying to communicate?

If you’d rather answer privately, you can email me at bohobetty3@earthlink.net.

Thank you very much for your help, this means so much to me!

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hi [04 Mar 2012|08:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Im a new house wife looking to meet some others like me i have one little girl I love gameing on my ps3 and i used to play violin im intrested in learning still if anyone plays.pm me if you want to talk.

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School and Random Cutness! [24 Aug 2011|06:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

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[23 Mar 2011|07:47pm]


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House-work [08 Mar 2011|09:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]


So I got to thinking... do any of you do housework in lolita?

XD I know that might sounds crazy but I do have lots of offbrand and (depending on the task) I do run my errands in lolita.

Today I did shirololi so, needless to say, there wasn't much housework I was going to get done today ^_- .  But when I am wearing "wash and go" lolita, I slap on my apron and go for it.

What about you guys?
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V-Day post [14 Feb 2011|12:35am]

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Ladylike or housewifey blogs [11 Feb 2011|04:09pm]

Hello! I'm looking for blogs that fit into some of the following criteria. Can you guys help me find any?

I'm looking for something...

-written by a woman (she doesn't have to be a lolita, but it's a plus as it's something I identify with).

-that is more instructional or informational, and less "here's what I did today" (which is most of the lolita blogs I found--no offense intended). Something that offers practical advice or tips.

-that covers topics of housewivery or cultivating traditional feminine values in general.

To give you an idea, I'm looking for something to counterbalance another blog I read, which is a general blog about personal development and is rather geared toward young entrepreneurs. Since he's a dude, I feel I can't relate to him completely, so I was hoping for something similar written from a lady's perspective. I feel Mr. Pavlina mentors my "work" side, but I would like to balance that with a mentor on the "housewife" side. I know that's a bit weird/personal so I hope that makes sense and that someone can help!

Thank you~
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Personal Announcement [01 Feb 2011|12:07am]

As of today, my husband has gotten a new job!  What does this have to do with lolita?  Oh, nothing, just everything!  He said I will have more fun money to buy lolita things ! YAY!
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Anuall LHW meetup? (Update) [15 Jan 2011|10:29pm]


You know, I was just thinking... some of us are only a state or two away from eachother.  What if we did like a yearly meetup?

It would be nice to see the ladies face to face with whom I have alot in common with.  I don't like feeling like a lone frilly island in a sea of girls, who have no clue exactly what the concerns are of a married-mother-lolita in the USA from day to day.

Whadaya think girls?

02/07/11 Update--------------------
Well I would like to hear from you ladies on how we are going to plan this.

Questions like:
Who will be the host state?
When will it be held?
What will we do?
Will we be bringing our families or just ourselves?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!
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Happy new year! [15 Jan 2011|12:33am]

So, what have my fellow house lolis been up to lately?

I have celebrated 3 birthdays, moved gone back to school *gasp* just the usuall.  Et tu?
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Christmas Parents [24 Dec 2010|11:00pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

A poem... please enjoy!Collapse )
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Busy season, busy wives? Chocolate cake? [18 Nov 2010|05:29pm]

Hello all again. 

Still pretty new here, on and off again. How is everyone? 
I thought I'd share this with you:

It was recently my beloved's birthday. We didn't have much in cash and both of us have been working crazy schedules where we only get to see each other practically 2-3 days out of the week. (I'm still a bit of a homemaker but now I work as a fashion designer and artist. Home studio and at a program in an office)

I wanted to get him a birthday cake but instead found this delightful 3 minute microwave chocolate cake recipe online!

Chocolate Cake in a Mug!!

Well I didn't use a mug. I still wanted a mini cake shape to it, so I used a Pyrex container. I turned the bowl upside down and then let the cake slide out with a couple pokes of a knife. Vanilla extract is optional, s I used a drop of butter rum flavour. I then made a coffee flavoured icing to top it with. (1/4 cup of icing sugar, 1 tablespoon of warm milk with instant coffee dissolved into it.)

It turned out really well and it was incredibly worth it to see his face when his eyed silently asked  "Where the heck did you get cake??"

Surprise! :)

So if you have never made it, do try it. It is awesome! Especially nice for any loli wife who has had
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Noob intro [06 Oct 2010|02:00pm]



My name is Nadine.  I am 28 years old. I have been married for almost 1.5 years and with my husband for almost 7 years. We have one little boy in 1st grade.

I am just getting into Lolita so please forgive me and my mistakes ^_^;;;.  I have always had an interest just only recently had th guts. I do a little sewing among other crafts such as crochette and such.

I live in Tucson, AZ.

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First Post~ [11 Aug 2010|06:19pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello, my name is Meagan and I am 18 years old. I have been married for almost 2 years and with my husband for almost 6 years. We have two very small girls. I am just getting into Lolita but have always had an interest in it due to how elegant it is and the beauty of the clothing. I have just purchased my first two dresses with more on the way and hope to have them soon to share photos and get into it. I do a little sewing among other crafts.

I live in San Antonio, TX and a proud Army housewife. I found this while reading over the site and hopping to make a few friends.

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AHH! [25 Feb 2010|11:56pm]

I have been abandoning you girls again. I am so sorry.

Today I have a question. Where can I find patterns for Loli-clothing? I don't actually dress in Lolita (though I do have a few things that are Loli-inspired) but I am making something for a friend. She wears sweet Lolita everywhere she goes, and for her birthday I want to make her a little something. I am very good with sewing, but I can not find an appropriate pattern anywhere. I even tried online patterns, the kind that you have to enlarge and trace off of your computer screen, but I can't find anything there either. I don't wear Lolita for the most part, and there for I have no idea where to look. Please Help?!!

Also, I think it would be interesting to do a weekly topic. If anyone has any ideas on topics, please let me know. I think maybe next week I will start with something regarding the kitchen, as I have very recently found the cutest baby blue kitchen wear that I just LOVE and want to buy so badly. XDD

Sorry again for being so touch and go ladies. Hopefully things will get up and moving again soon. I love you all!

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CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES!!! [02 Jan 2010|12:56am]

Girls, I am so sorry that I have abandoned this Community for so long. I have had a lot going on, but you guys don't care to hear about all of that.

Anyway, I have recently moved back in with my mother, and I am single, again, but I am still looking for my prince and still playing mom with my younger brother and sister. Speaking thus.....

I just finished baking some cupcakes a little while ago. Here is a picture.

The lighter ones are "Sugar and Spice" cupcakes, with a Soft Butter Frosting. They have the consistency of angel food cake: light, airy, and a bit spongy. They are flavored with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Nutmeg for a gentle earthy flavor and just a touch of Orange zest for a nice brightness. The darker ones with the purple frosting are "Blackberry Cordial" cupcakes, with the same Soft Butter Frosting, but with a special ingredient mixed into it. They have a consistency more like devils food cake, very dense and very rich. Chocolate and Blackberry and DELICIOUS! Both are my own recipe. More pictures and the recipes under the cut. XD
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Introduction [26 Oct 2009|04:59am]

[ mood | yay for housewivery ]

Hello everyone,

My name is Marty, and I discovered this community doing and interest search on housekeeping or something of the like. I have never been one for the Lolita fashion as far as clothes (I think it looks great but its just not for me) but I do love all things cute/kawaii, as well as the general feel of "Sweet" that Lolita carries with it. I am one of those girls who has spent my whole life working to take care of myself and sometimes others, but all I ever wanted was to be a housewife/ stay-at-home-mom. If things go my way, that may happen very very soon. Yayness.

Oh, I am 21, and live in Tennessee. I am married but getting divorced, haven't seen him since March, and the new man in my life seems to be sweeping me farther and farther off my feet every time we are together.

The thing about Marko (the new man) Is that we want the same things out of life. We both want to settle down and have kids, live on a farm with chickens and a dairy cow, in a yellow house with blue shutters or a log cabin. He wants a wife to stay home and cook and clean, I want to the be the wife to stay home and cook and clean. So maybe, just maybe, I will finaly get my wish. Keep your fingers crossed.


Also, I LOVE new friends, so add me if you want to, but be sure to leave a comment on my friends only post, and let me know where you came from, otherwise I might not add you O,o. Much love. *kiss kiss*

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